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forming the groups [May. 7th, 2009|02:13 pm]
a few of us survivors have started an online network of survivors, its on myspace here:
we will only add you if you are an actual survivor, meaning, that you have read the freeyourbrain website, www.geocities.com/freeyourbrain, and you believe that it is the truth, ie youre not posing as a character, some survivors don't seem to understand freeyourbrain fully and end up confusing it and almagamating it with other conspiracy culture material out there
we can help other survivors understand freeyourbrain better, but some still don't understand
in this way its difficult to know who is truly a survivor and who isn't
if you send us a message on the network, please describe your understanding of what being a survivor is and your understanding of freeyourbrain
thank you
note *geocities will be closing later this year, so the main page will no longer be available, however one of the mirror sites will still be here http://storm.prohosting.com/~fybrain/  it contains the exact same contents as the main page
may unab be with you