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This LiveJournal Community is about the activities and methods of foreigners operating in disguise on the surface of Earth, masquerading as terrestrials and living as characters. The two foreign groups that operate on Earth are hereinafter called "foreigners of Our Side" and "foreigners of the Other Side".

The term "THEY" refers to "both sides" unless otherwise specified:

The "manipulations" carried out by the characters of foreigners of Our Side living on Earth - spiritualized human entities that some call "angels" - described throughout this website are NOT really malign, although this manipulation is often maliciously positive in nature.

Unlike these spiritualized foreigners of Our side, the foreign creatures of the Other Side (lizards, reptilians, etc.) are not able to read the minds of terrestrials. The characters of these foreign lizards living on Earth explore the weaknesses of the human being through a variety of other techniques of control also depicted all over this website.

THEY (foreigners of both sides) have to respect the free will of terrestrials and THEY have to avoid doing things that can give their characters away.

Specifically in the "Introduction" below, the term "THEY" encompasses not only foreigners, but also the terrestrial members of each one of these sides.

Concepts and practical exercises include also ideas and an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of "The Matrix", "The Truman Show", Carlos Castaneda, philosophy, quantum physics, George Orwell, Pavlov, kundalini, and Alice in Wonderland.

"THEY are the gatekeepers. THEY are holding all the keys,
THEY are guarding all the doors," (Morpheus, in "The Matrix")"
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